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Medical Tourism
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Anti-aging

Greece is one of the world's top destinations for medical and aesthetic tourism, thanks to the expertise of the doctors and the reasonable prices. Dr Zisis Boukouvalas and his medical team offer top-quality cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and sophisticated anti-ageing treatments. As Dr Boukouvalas says, “My vision is to elevate the standard and quality of life of as many people as possible, through the dedicated incorporation of proven cutting-edge technology devices and application of advanced medical techniques, in the fields of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery & Anti-aging and Lasers.” In Mykonos, he works with the SEA Medical Health Clinic. All the treatments are administered by highly-trained medics and paramedics who are responsible, sensitive to the needs of the patient and take pride in their work. The objective is to enhance clients' feelings of self-esteem and self-confidence, through stateof- the-art procedures offered in a friendly and safe environment. Amongst the top therapies are breast augmentation, high-definition lipoplasty, lipofilling, blepharoplasty, surgical threads for lifting and firming (non-surgical lifting), mesotherapy, cryolipolysis, botox, hyaluronic acid and fillers.

Services available on Mykonos, in Athens and Thessaloniki