Q & A With Dr.Bouk

Who is a suitable candidate for breast augmentation ? What is the optimal age for breast augmentation ?

Breast augmentation is the most well known cosmetic procedure to the general public. Results usually are impressive and unique at the body of the woman. The femininity of a female body with generous breasts are clearly undeniable! All women over 18 could undergo the above procedure.

Is there a specific technique you are using ?

Breast augmentation technique that our team perform called subfascial. It is the result of evolution of breast techniques in plastic surgery simple by placing the implant under the fascia of the pectoralis major muscle. Latest technology implants could guarantee the success of the procedure, its natural aperiance respecting breast anatomy and a lifetime result for the patient.

How long is downtime for breast augmentation? How soon can i get back to my normal activities and physical exercise?

Breast augmentation procedure usually takes 30 minutes and the patient returns to work within five days (....) The aesthetic results but mainly the psychological boost of the patient is very impressive.