Breast augmentation is one of the most popular operations in plastic surgery. In the last decade the number of women asking for it is constantly increasing for multiple reasons.
As simple as it sounds though, this not the case. Due to my personal experience I had to be operated four times from three different doctors. After three different experts I had been completely disappointed and I thought of Dr. Zisis Boukouvalas.

He answered all my questions, he explained the reasons of failure on previous procedures and explained to me in every single detail that my breast needed a very complicated procedure that he could perform.

we scheduled the surgery. My agony for the success of the operation was indescribable. A very complicated surgery with the need for extra attention and space for further failures. My old implants were removed , the breast lifting was redone as well as augmentation. Lastly he recreated the inframammary fold, the barrier that holds the implant in the cavity.

My adventure started in 2007 with repeated failures and ended in success in 2015 from the eminent doctor Zisis Boukouvalas.

The only capable doctor with the ability to solve problems upon their creation. A big thank you to Dr. Boukouvalas that made my dream come true with great success and a big thank you to his organized medical staff.