If you are considering breast augmentation, it is advisable that you to do as much research in advance as possible, in order to make the right hoices and minimize the risks of non-satisfactory results. Nowadays, continuing research and development in the field has helped decrease the chances of rupture by improving the design, the shell and the materials used. Here are a few points that you may want to consider before the consultation with your surgeon.


What is inside of the implant?

Breast implants can be filled with saline solution or silicone. The latest generation of silicone implants have a very highly cohesive silicone gel fill that will not leak in the case of rupture. The newest implants like the Motiva Matrix, come with an extra 'Blue Barrier' layer incorporated into the protective shell that ensures the level of gel bleeding is close to zero. Make certain you choose an implant that is 100 percent filled, so as to avoid eventual folds or wrinkles of the material that can lead to rupture.


How clean is the implant?

There are two types of sterilization processes used, Dry Heat or Ethylene Oxide Gas. Only the Dry Heat process has been approved by the FDA because it minimizes the risk of any residue remaining on the implant and it is safer and more consistent than the use of gas. Dry heat is the method used by Allergen and Motiva, who are the only manufacturers using it outside of the USA.


How can the surface help safer performance?

There are two types of implant surfaces, micro-textured and textured. Textured implants are preferred due to their increased positioning stability and reduced chances of evolving into capsular contraction, however, they can cause more friction during insertion and the barrier layer can be compromised because of the texturing process. The texturing process usually involves projection of salt and can damage the surface or leave residue. Nowadays, there is a new mould imprint texturing process unique to Motiva implants that can create a surface with 8,000 pores per cm2, of 16 microns each in a depth-controlled and projection-free way. This means that, while managing to achieve position stability inside the breast like textured implants do, it can also reduce drag at the moment of insertion, allowing for a smaller incision, thus decreasing the chances of rupture or infection.


How can I choose the most suitable implant for my body shape?

The shape, size and profile of the implant also need to be taken into consideration. In the case of newer implants, like the Motiva Matrix, there is a logical proportion between the implant base, width and projection profile. This means that the projection to base ratio increases in a predictable and consistent fashion along four available projections enabling uniform geometric characteristics unique in the market. The surgeon is able to select the base measure that is most adequate to your size. Subsequently, there is a wide choice of projection and volume variations that are proportionate to that of the initial measurement taken by the surgeon.


Where does the implant come from?

Look for a manufacturer with a long-standing tradition and experience in the manufacturing of implants, that offers guarantees and standards that you can trust. As Juan Jose Chacon, CEO of Establishment Labs explains, Costa Rica is the number one location in the world for breast implant manufacturers. Companies such as Motiva, Baxter and Abbott are based in Costa Rica while Allergan manufactures all their implants there. Costa Rica is a model of high technology development, where companies like Intel, IBM and HP are constantly innovating.


What aftercare is offered by the manufacturer?

One of the things you should discuss during the consultation is the aftercare provided by the clinic or surgeon postoperatively and the warranties your chosen implants can offer. The better implants are rigorously tested for quality assurance throughout the manufacturing process. For instance, the Motiva implants have introduced the Always Confident Warranty, the only warranty program that offers direct patient implant registration online, so that you always have up-to- date information on the status of your implants. This registration program informs you about important facts regarding your breast implants that can directly affect their safety and performance. It is essential to choose a surgeon wisely while attending a consultation with him. Always verify his credentials with one of the professional associations such as BAAPS or BACS and do not hesitate to seek a second opinion, until you feel fully comfortable with your surgeon. All in all, if you have thoroughly researched your options and you have confidence in your surgeon, you can expect to obtain optimal results.

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